Download the first AnKi demo: Hundreds of lights

After some years of development I am happy to present the first AnKi 3D engine demo. The demo is in alpha state and it’s very rough around the edges so please bare with me and report any problems found in the project’s google code page or use the emails in the contact page. Also note that at the moment it only runs and compiles in Linux.

And here is download link:

To run the demo navigate to the directory that contains the demo64 binary and run that binary. The source is also included in case you want to build everything yourselves. Read the txt files in the directory for more info.

Some points on the tech behind the demo:

  • Its been using using the new tile based deferred renderer.
  • You can visualize more than 100 lights at the same time.
  • You can see al the the shadows of the spot lights.
  • It features post processing effects like HDR, SSAO, color correction, sharpen filter and other.
  • Taking advantage of multi-core CPUs.

What you will need to run the demo:

  • A Linux powered box. Ubuntu 12.04 and beyond it’s supposed to work.
  • The Linux box should be 64bit.
  • A modern GPU and driver that supports OpenGL 3.3 core profile. nVidia with proprietary drivers is supposed to work.


  • ESC will quit the demo.
  • wasd moves the camera forward/back and left/right.
  • z moves the camera up.
  • space moves it down.
  • q and e roll the camera.
  • F1 will show the debug meshes.


  • The building is “sponza” by Crytek.
  • The horse model is from Endre Barath (

Any feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

  1. Hi ! I downloaded the cmake I use windows 7 ultimate x64 and cmake-gui(I’m not familiar with the cmake). In the field “Where is the source code” I placed a path to the main folder “anki_hundreds_lights_demo”. Then in the field “Where to build the binaries” I specified a folder which is located beyond “anki_hundreds_lights_demo”. In the “Configure” I chose options “Visual Studio 11″, “Use default native compilers” and I got following errors:

    Could NOT find Doxygen (missing: DOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE)
    CMake Error at C:/Program Files (x86)/CMake 2.8/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:108 (message):
    Could NOT find Subversion (missing: Subversion_SVN_EXECUTABLE) (Required is
    at least version “1.6”)

  2. Hi,

    First of all thanks for taking interest. I’m afraid that at the moment AnKi runs and compiles only in Linux. Sorry for not making it crystal clear.

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