Lens flare video

After spending some time AnKi has new lens flare effects. See the video bellow:

  1. Nice! Really like the effect you achieved!

  2. Though looking at source repo I thought that you completely ditched sprite-based lens flares, yet they are used in the video (in addition to ‘shader generated’ ones).

  3. Also, since you have already implemented effects like hdr, ssao, lens flares etc how about adding another highly popular effect – motion blur? John Chapman has some nice per-object implementation on his blog. ;)

  4. Yes that’s true, in the video I use both techniques.

    First I tried the sprite based but I was not that happy with the amount of tweaking they require to look decent. Then I’ve tried the J Chapman’s screen space ones and they looked very nice. In the end I’ve decided to keep them both but I haven’t committed the code yet.

    (also, glad you liked the video)

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