STL auto_ptr: A bad idea

C++ Standard Template Library (STL) offers a smart pointer called auto_ptr. auto_ptr is a template class that acts as a wrapper for a single dynamically allocated class instance. Its purpose and its usefulness is to deallocate the memory when this smart pointer gets out of scope. Its a way to do automatic garbage collection in C++ by saving us from the extra code writing. One extra reason to use auto_ptr is that it makes the code less error prone simply because it doesn’t rely on the programmer to do the memory dealocation.

In this short article we will discuss a case where auto_ptr fails to do what its supposed to do….

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The perfect logging system for C++ apps

Ok, the title sounds a little bit pompous and promises allot, many fellow programmers will disagree with the described methodology and others may find it useful. After many changes and rewrites of the AnKi logging system we’ve gained some experience of how a proper logger should be designed and work. The purpose of this article is to pass this knowledge to anyone who is interested.

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