Tile based deferred shading video

I’ve compiled a video that illustrates the engine’s capabilities when it comes to handling many lights. Enjoy.

  1. Look great!

  2. Also, would it be possible to include assets needed to run the sample program in the engine repository? It would be nice to actually have some working example out of the box to play and fiddle with. Where can I find some kind of guide on how to import models/scenes to Anki? It seems you are working on new exporter recently?

  3. Glad you liked it. I will create a demo with all the assets so that everyone can play with it. Please note that it will be linux only.

    The exporters mostly work but more work needs to be done. They need to be smart enough to optimize the geometry a bit (eg use instancing).

  4. Thanks, much obliged! Yeah, I noticed while quickly glancing through code that Anki is linux-only, not much of a problem for me, although perhaps I will try to make it work on Windows as well if possible.

    I must say I’m really impressed, Anki is actively developed open source engine that uses *modern* OpenGL and rendering techniques – keep up the good work! Shame it’s apparently not well known.

  5. I’ve uploaded a demo. Hope it runs, Enjoy!

  6. Thanks, great news! Hopefully will have a chance to test it later this week when I will have some free time and access to needed system!

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